Part 2 of my laser glove question: i have it all hooked up, but am experiencing very low power from the lasers. See more

ok i posted something related to this project earlier but i got it answered and have a new question. im building a laser-glove for halloween, and i for the most part have it all hooked up;
-5 laser pointers in parallel
-9v power source, 0.55Ah
-600ohms resistance/laser pointer
-2 resistors rated at 1.2 & 1.0 kOhm hooked up in parallel to the 9v

my problem: generally all of the laser pointers are very weak. i figured i have a little less resistance than i need as is, so if anything they should be overpowered somewhat?

*NOTE*: regarding safety concerns, i am going to be wearing the glove under a morph suit, which will very strongly damper the power of the lasers, which is why i want them working at full potential 

here is my attempt at the schematic for it. sorry if it is not "correct" but this is how i have it all hooked up more or less:

Picture of Part 2 of my laser glove question: i have it all hooked up, but am experiencing very low power from the lasers. See more
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Your lasers aren't current sharing. You should have a resistor per laser.
kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
of 600ohm/laser?
You have too much resistance in series. What's the 1.2K//1K for ? Lose it.
kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
i was told by a buddy in EE to try and get 600ohms resistance. R = 1 / [(1/1200)+(1/1000)] = 545.5ohm
otherwise wont my 9v overpower/burn out the lasers?

what size resistor should i be putting on each laser then?
What's the laser's ratings ? Current and voltage. You have less than 15mA going through them now.

kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
2.12v, 17mA
That needs ~400 ohms, not 600. Ditch the two parallel resistors.
kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
ok i tried it with a 390ohm one. still very weak laser beam :(
Is it any brighter ? Where did you get the current figures for the laser from ? They sound very low to me.

The Ah of the battery aren't as important at the moment as the ability to deliver current.

If you run ONE laser on the battery, is it brighter ?

kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
well they are just cheapo dollar store lasers that typically run off 3 button cell batteries. i just used a multimeter on them to get the readings. i only tried it on one laser before. i will hook up the rest of the resistors to the other 4 lasers and see how it all works.
What battery voltage is that ? 4.5 V ?
Try running it on the battery and check the current.

kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
it supposed to be a 9v power supply and i wanted to lower it so that i could run all the lasers off it. to my knowledge that means it needs to be dropped to around 4.5v to run 1 laser, dunno if that is affected by adding the rest ( i didnt think it would).
and sorry for being retarded, but when i hook up my multimeter to the 9v, i cant get a read on my amperage. the range of my meter is 2000umA to 200mA. when i put it on the 200ma setting, it goes from about 190 and drops to around 30 (takes FOREVER, and it gets progressively slower but doesnt actually stop. it took a solid 10 minutes to get from 60-30, did not have patience to wait for it to hit zero.
when i test the 9v itself, im getting about 6.81v of juice out of it. could it just be that the battery is not brand new, and that is why my lasers arent running optimally?
kamikaze33 (author)  kamikaze337 years ago
ok i just checked every laser using a 4.5v source without resistors or anything and the lasers are still weak. think i solved my problem. unless i can up the juice and get more power out of the laser?
kamikaze33 (author)  kamikaze337 years ago
MOST RECENT: sorry for all these posts
latest update. im going to start numbering these for when you read them.

1. At the moment i just hooked up an additional wire that bypasses the resistor so that i can power it on either the original 3-button cells of 4.~v, and the 9v.
when i am running it on the button cells, i am getting 4.18v to the laser. on the 9v, i get 2.93v. the resistor im using in the 9v circuit is 390ohm
kamikaze33 (author)  kamikaze337 years ago
ok i just went and bought 2 new ones. i think it is dependant on the individual laser cause this one works fine. it runs at 4.76v, and works perfect with the circuit. fml
kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
ok so it would appear that it is the quality of the lasers themselves. one laser just read 2.8v, 19.3mA, but it is very weak and i had another laser actually working fine so i am going to post what each laser is reading tomorrow
kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
if i used a different powerpack, say 4 AA's, would that change it? (im assuming it would because of the Ah, but would that not just affect which resistor i use on the laser modules?
The Ah are not an issue yet. Have you been using a 9V rectangular battery or what ?

4 AA would need a change in resistor, to 220Ohm.

kamikaze33 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
alright thank you ill put a new one on and see what happens