Pasta Shape?

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  • Don't be afraid to freestyle and make up your own shapes!

Can we make any shape, like flowers and other shapes using plunge cutters and cookie cutters ?

Paige Russell10 months ago

You bet you can! My only suggestion for a guideline is to not make the dough thicker than 1/8" (approx. 3mm) in any one spot, otherwise it won't cook evenly or well.

Have fun! And if you come up with a shape that you love, make an instructable and I'll add it to the suggested project collection at the bottom of my class!

antoniraj (author)  Paige Russell10 months ago

Here is my instructable on making pasta using plunge cutters

They came out so well! Thank you for taking what you learned in my class to the next level. :)

antoniraj (author)  Paige Russell10 months ago

thank you Paige Russell. Sure this class helped me to learn the basics of Pasta making.