Pdf help?

If someone in the comunity could help me out and convert this into a scale 1:1 pdf so i can print out i would be very apreciative ive tried with rhino 4.0 and autodesk 2012 and neither come out correctly there always fit to printable area

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Re-design6 years ago
Part of your problem is that this drawing is drawn full scale, meaning that a 1:1 plot will plot out on a piece of paper 135' long just for the fuselage.

You need to figure out what the final size is supposed to be then calculate the scale that matches that size and plot that scale.
Fwiw, you can panelize the drawings...Many print drivers allow it. Granted @135ft long, it does seem a bit silly.
hightekrednek2396 (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all your help but i got it it was made in centimeters once i converted it it was back to the right size
seandogue6 years ago
Try purchasing or downloading a free pdf printer driver. You can find one very easily by googling the subject.
try converting it with rasterbator stand alone app. or use their online resource to do it.