Peeling a hard boiled egg?

Why does the shell stick to the egg sometime and make it impossible to peel nicely?

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joescratch8 years ago
This works like a charm: When the egg has cooled a bit, lay it on the countertop lengthwise and roll it back and forth under your palm. The shell will crackle and loosen up nicely, and you'll be able to peel of whole chunks without any trouble.
Z..8 years ago
When your egg is done, hold or immerse in cold water. That not only stops the dark ring between yolk and white, but the egg is easier to peel. Now crack it gently, and break off the first piece-that gets you a grip on the shell. It should peel easily then.
fwjs288 years ago
i tried poking a small hole with a needle in the helps, but is not for it sticking, thats because its fresh and the thin membrane is still sticking to the egg white
AndyGadget8 years ago
If your eggs are hard to peel then you've got good, fresh eggs. As the egg ages, the thin membrane separates from the shell and makes it easier. Another way to tell if an egg is fresh is to drop it into water. A fresh egg will lie level on the bottom. An older egg will be tilted and if an egg floats it should be thrown away. We're thinking of getting some chickens and I've been reading up on them (and their eggs.)
lemonie8 years ago
You're not the only one asking: