Perpetual motion & free energy is it possible?

Hi Eric/Instructables,

Basically I have been looking at perpetual motion and am led to believe that it is impossible due to the laws of thermodynamics meaning heat/energy has to be transferred somewhere, so I came up with a few designs which may challenge this theory.  Without wanting to reveal my designs and ideas too much I will explain what I am trying to accomplish and would love your opinion as to whether you think they are viable.

I have 2 ideas, one is to use 'rare' magnets (which aren't rare at all so cost and obtaining them is not as hard as it sounds!) and have the magnets propelling round like a wind turbine design using the opposite poles effect to repel the magnets and get the turbine started.  Once the turbine is in motion I will harness the electricity created by the movement of the turbine/motor in a capacitor or kinetic store. This stored  electricity  can be used to keep the magnets magnetized by wrapping wire coils round the magnets and passing the stored current through the coil to keep the magnets repelling each other and spinning the turbine.

Idea number 2 is a similar concept just dropping the use of magnets and using the method of so called free energy where you can get a small voltage from using a radio antenna, capacitors and germanium diodes (there are several example videos on the internet) again using a wind turbine effect to keep re-fueling the capacitors so the voltage drop when the load is applied is nulified.

Perpetual motion is the dream and I think the transfer of heat/energy caused by friction can be harnessed and put back into the workings of the appliance/design,

Many thanks for your time in reading this and hope for any replies positive or negative the dream will live on in my head and heart  :) 

Mark Smith 

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iceng5 years ago
Hey, I knew this guy in Chicago in a brown stone that had a radio playing
a speaker on the 3d floor attic 24-7 powered of the airwaves.
Next door was a 9 or 10KW AM transmitter on a roof top.

You can't win,
You can only lose
You can't break even.

The laws of thermodynamics are unbreakable.
McJesus (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
I play football (soccer to any americans) and yesterday the score was 1-1, we didnt win, we didnt lose, we drew, therefore we broke even with the other team. As someone else commented on this question :- instead of spending time on the internet looking up other peoples opinions then try it yourself. I dont know but i'm pretty sure none of the people who have posted on this thread have attempted what i have only looked at examples that have failed.
These laws ARE immutable. They are the only ones that actually make sense in any universe.
McJesus (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
laws are there to be broken :) im not disagreeing with the fact that heat/energy has to be transferred and that friction will cause an object to slow down and eventually stop, what i am saying is when the parts are moving mechanical energy is created which is used to keep the blades rotating/magnets repelling, i believe what i see with my own eyes
___ McJesus5 years ago
Even if you launched something into to space technically it would drift for a really long time, maybe thousands and thousands of years. However, the moment you tried to harness that "perpetual" motion you would be required to remove the energy from the system and therefore eventually slow it down.
lemonie McJesus5 years ago
What is you basis for "laws are there to be broken", or did you just say that without putting much though into it?

Ask yourself then what is the "Source" of this energy ?
McJesus (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
depends which model, the radio antenna one is radio waves that travel in the air and the magnet one is the magnet repelling another one by opposite poles, i am not using any external power source to start the machines nor to keep them going, only what is produced by the moving parts once they start moving
So the radio one is powered by the transmitter.

Not sure how you're rigging the "magnet" one, but there's external energy going into it from somewhere.
McJesus (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for all your comments/answers, truth is i have been working on these models and the prototypes do work, but i havent been testing them for a long enough period of time. Magnets will be the basis of the worlds first perpetual motion machine, mark my words :)
Uh, huh. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. The "perpetual magnet trick" has been done and done and done, exactly as you have designed. It will move one step and then stop.

I gave you a very nice link to an exhaustive set of analyses of perpetual motion machines just like yours, spanning about four centuries of effort. Here's a direct link to a basic magnetic rotor, along with a detailed analysis of why it doesn't work.

You can certainly use an antenna to capture ambient radio signals out of the air and turn them into electricity (minus resistive losses, which you appear to ignore). You don't even need magnets for that.
Burf5 years ago
No. And if you expend a little effort researching legitimate reference sources, you'll know it and know why.
McJesus (author)  Burf5 years ago
you're not living the dream burf :)
Re-design5 years ago
Perpetual motion = what a 3 year old has at bedtime.

free energy = an extension cord plugged into your neighbor's wall socket.
McJesus (author)  Re-design5 years ago
haha nice
+1 :D
BA for sure :D
framistan5 years ago
The best example of perpetual motion AND free energy is our planets of the solar system and the heat from the sun. However, even the sun will burn out and the planets will come to an end. A lot of heat comes off the sun though.. and very little of the suns heat is aimed at our planet. Think of all the other directions the sun radiates without hitting any planet! This energy is FREE... but building a collector can cost a lot of money. You would probably be interested in a website called . He has a LOT of free information on home designs that require zero heating or airconditioning! These ideas are VERY interesting and fun to think about. A home can be built to greatly reduce or eliminate heating and airconditioning bills... but it takes some bucks to do it. You can also see some of their videos on youtube if you search for "zed" (zeroenergydesign).
Not quite. Orbital motion is a good approximation to perpetual because planets do not experience very much friction. Contrast that with the orbit of a low-altitude satellite (such as the ISS). It constantly encounters friction with the atmosphere, which converts kinetic energy into heat, and the ISS slows down (and has rockets on board to boost it back up).

The Sun does not produce "free energy." The Sun is powered by the fusion of hydrogen nuclei (protons) to form deuterons and eventually helium. That process is supported by the temperature and pressure due to the gravitational compression of the Sun's gaseous material. The fusion process converts some of the mass of the initial protons into energy, which is radiated away as gamma rays and neutrinos. The gamma rays interact, and get reduced in energy to visible light which we see.

The idea of using available environmental energy sources to power devices is excellent, and is far more likely to be successful than fantasies of "perpetual motion" or "zero point energy" or whatever the latest crackpottery is :-/
The way the free energy game is played is you have to actually build something, whatever your idea is, you have to build a working prototype of that thing, and demonstrate that this device produces power.

The reason why you have to do things this way, is because the laws of thermodynamics, and also the folklore, the culture, what people believe about how the World works, these are all against you, and your plans to magically create power from nothing, or seemingly from nothing. 

I don't think either one of your ideas are truly novel, or likely to work, but you should not take my word for it.

I think you will learn a lot more by actually spending some time in the lab/workshop, and discovering on your own that these ideas are destined to fail.
Kiteman5 years ago

It's a good thing to think of ways to generate energy. It is a better thing to analyse them closely to understand why they work, or why they won't work.

The Laws of Thermodynamics are one of the most rigorously tested, and most frequently challenged, aspects of established Science*. After about 200 years of applied and theoretical work, they stand firm.

You would do more to change the world if you worked on alternative ways to extract energy from the environment, or to increase the efficiency of existing technologies.

*The other is Evolution.
blkhawk5 years ago
Energy cannot be created, it transforms to a different form of energy. Friction will cause any machine to stop in the absence of any form of energy.
kelseymh5 years ago

All of your ideas are in there, and you can work through with the author the details of how they function (and don't function).
rickharris5 years ago
We could engage in long discussions here, long and short mathematical proofs


The short answer is NO.
No its not possible and your ideas have been tried by many before you. You can look through Youtube and find all sorts of similar designs with the claims that they are working but they are all faked.