Pesky Teachers

First off... This isnt made to insult teachers, I just needed a title to beckon people to my question. The problem I have is that the teacher at my school have a new spiffy, Anti-Slacking Device, called LAN Schools. The teacher can monitor all computers in the classroom. It also has the ability to cut off internet access to a computer. So I can no longer play my beloved flash games. Long story short. Is there any way I can play flash games on my computer through a flash drive without using internet explorer or firefox?

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Kiteman8 years ago
LANSchool, and software like it, is an expense your school could do without. Unfortunately, the tendency for students to abuse their educational resources has forced your school to spend money on monitoring your behaviour that could have been spent on something more useful. Think about that next time you have trouble closing your locker, spot a cracked window, or have to use a text book that is damaged or out of date.
Why buy lanschool when they could have got iTalc for FREE
Fizzxwizz (author) 8 years ago
I just want to let everybody know that.... I would never play a game if I had an assignment I was supposed to be doing. I only attempt to play games when I have finished my work.
lemonie8 years ago
If you're going to bother to go to school, use the time to learn stuff. Education doesn't cost you anything (now) but it's what makes the difference between having money and things you want (when you're older) and being a bum / pauper / convict. L
Re-design8 years ago
In my day we didn't have a this computer stuff to slack off at school. We had to bring our own magazines and hide them in our books so the teacher would thing we were reading our lesson.
Teacher's going to still have the ability to see what you're doing. So they can still shut down your game, disable/uninstall the flash plug-in, or simply turn off your computer and kick you out of class for a little while. In other words, it's simple to download the flash game and play it offline, but the ultimate solution to the problem is that you must play them elsewhere.
frollard8 years ago
lol... literally. laughing at you. School computers are for schoolwork. That's why they put lanschool or lanteacher or any of the bajillion pieces of software available to do just this. This software tends to be really tough to get around... Technically you can usually download the .swf file embedded in the page - google how to 'download a flash'... Then you need a flash viewer. Google it. Tada, you can run the flash files in the flash viewer - but if your opressor knows anything you won't be able to execute other applications. Synopsis: Spend your time learning.