Pewter relief. Wondering how old and where from?

I have a pewter relief of a man and a woman in a town square and the man seems to fancy the woman. It is about 30"x24" and has red velvet border. Weighs a good 10-13lbs.
Any insights are welcomed.



Picture of Pewter relief. Wondering how old and where from?
jack and tessa 3-22-12 023.jpg
jack and tessa 3-22-12 025.jpg
jack and tessa 3-22-12 022.jpg
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rickharris5 years ago
Are there any identifying marks on the picture.

If it is pewter then I guess it is a cast and may be relatively new. Pewter is very soft and easily damages so almost anything old will look old!
plabas71 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
None that I can tell. I assume it is Pewter and do not know for sure. I have never cleaned it and it seems solid. Actually may weigh more than 13lbs. The backing was held in with old nails and doesn't look recent. I will post some pics of the back so you can see the casting openings. One local art person said it looks like it could be part of a eucharistic sacristy, but who knows.

Burf5 years ago
My mother has one almost identical to yours. Hers depicts a different scene but otherwise, very little difference. She bought hers new in store in London about 20 years ago. I seem to recall her saying she paid 20 Pounds for it, which I believe at that time was about $50 U.S.
So my guess is, its not particularly old nor does it have much collector value.
plabas71 (author)  Burf5 years ago
Oh thanks. Good to know. Any way to see a snap shot of hers?
Burf plabas715 years ago
I don't have a picture, even in the background, that I can recall but I think she still keeps it in her bedroom. I'll try to remember to take a snap next time I go see her.