Picaxe Programing??? Why wont my picaxe program circuit work???

I have repeatedly tried programming my picaxe with all the different schematics on the Internet and on the picaxe site but none of them have been a success would anyone be able to post a schematic that you have had success with for me? Thanks

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AndyGadget8 years ago
Look at my InstructableHERE. Go to step 5 and look at the circuit diagram. Ignore the sounder and the probe for the moment. Let's get things working with a flashing LED first.
I'm using a 6V battery and dropping it down a bit, but if you're running from a 5V supply or a 4.8V battery box that's fine.
You can see that +V goes to pin 1 and 0V to pin 8. Make up that circuit and try the 'clear memory' program again. Once that works, you can start having fun!
west49rules (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
Thanks for you help!!!
west49rules (author)  west49rules8 years ago
I got her up and running!!!
Well done - Enjoy!
AndyGadget8 years ago
It sounds like you've got problems with your programming circuit. From the editor menu, click on 'PicAxe, then 'clear hardware memory'. If the program doesn't download then you've got a programmer problem. Are you set up for the right port in the 'options' screen? Have you included the 2 resistors in your circuit (page 37 of manual 1)? Are you running your PicAxe at the correct voltage (3.7 to 5V)? Let me know what you find.
west49rules (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
I tried Clear Hardware memory And the program didnt download, My circuit includes the two resistors.... but my picaxe wasnt powered. Where do you connect the +/- wires to the Picaxe?