Piece List Please?

I would like a piece list for the Big Ball Factory please, no hurry.

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Der Bradly8 years ago
White Connector 60 Blue Connector 168 Yellow Connector 191 Orange Tabbed Connector 39 Purple Connector 331 Green Connector 29 Red Connector 236 Light Grey Connector 24 Orange Connector 114 Dark Grey Connector 184 Tan Wheel-Axle Connector 16 Orange Chain Clip 2 Green Rod 256 White Rod 332 Blue Rod 587 Yellow Rod 406 Red Rod 23 Tan Rod 2 Grey Rod 22 Black (Rigid) Rod 1 Red Gear 6 Chain Link 132 Ball 4 Grand Total: 3165 Pieces
And why your answer is not selected I'll never know.
TwistedParadox (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
Because I didn't log on then
Lol :P
nolengarey11 months ago

where did you get it

chopstx8 years ago
find it out for yourself lazy bones