Place in San Jose, CA to get discarded DVD burners free?

I need a diode to make a burning laser (Kipkay's ible), but I don't know where to start when it comes to looking for free DVD burners (from a computer repair shop? where?) to get it from. I also need a LM317T chip for the driver, which I've heard is in the burner. Does anyone know a place in San Jose CA to get that? Preferably free, as in discarded.

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H3xx8 years ago
A dumpster behind a computer store. Try to find out if they discard their unwanted, defective , or out dated stock and when. Then dive right in. You'd be surprised how many places do this. Dumpster diving is pretty fun too! ;)
MadBricoleur (author)  H3xx8 years ago
Hahaha I'd love to dumpster dive if it didn't give you the image of a hobo lol :D thanks for the answer... I might try it.
MadBricoleur (author) 8 years ago
Cool site! Thanks! I still haven't found an offer for a burner, though... looking :D
try craiglist u can get them really cheap.
Hmmm... but I'd much rather get it free. I'll see... I guess I'll wait for more answers first, alright?