Plans for a device that turned food and other waste into gas that would work in a stove.

I saw on fox news where a guy in Egypt had made a device that turned food and other waste into gas that would work in a stove.  Anyone have any idea of how to build this?  I looked for plans here but couldn't find any?  Maybe because I didn't know what to call it?  The guy who made it supposedly got 2 hours gas a day out of his design.

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djsc7 years ago
also try searching for 'gobar gas', 'chinese biogas'
djsc7 years ago
John Seymour's complete guide to self sufficiency has a couple of pages on doing this with manure but advises against using more than a small percentage of vegetable matter and other waste. Also the mother earth news handbook of homemade power has a whole section on it with a simple test rig, scaled up to a big beast for a farm.
lemonie7 years ago
You want to look for "digester" in conjunction with "methane".

E.g. this amusing video

Re-design7 years ago
Another idea would be to get a goat and a pig.  Feed the pig whatever the goat won't eat(they're kinda picky).  Raise them to market size, sell them and use the money to buy fuel next year.  You can use the manure as fertilizer on the yard. 
Kiteman7 years ago
Basically, you're looking at one of two things;
  • Fermentation - the waste goes into a sealed container, rots in the absence of air, and bacterial action produces methane.  This can also be done with human and animal fecal matter.  Do not confuse this with the kind of fermentation that uses yeast to produce alcohol.
  • Gassification - the organic matter is heated (in the absence of air) until it gives of flammable gases which can be used for cooking, heating or to run a car.
However, two hours' worth of gas would need a *lot* of waste!  Successful slurry fermenters use a whole farm full of pigs or chickens to supply the waste.

Do not be put off, though - keep a record of what you try (including photos), then publish your own project on green energy.

Burf7 years ago
Yeah, basically, it is a simple methane gas generator and collector.
When rotting organic material decompes, it releases methane gas. He is collecting the gas and burning it in his stove.
Google "methane gas recovery systems" and you'll find plenty of results.