Plastic model?

Hi I have a small design that I want to be made out of plastic, its for something that I am working on but have limited artistic talent 
just wanted to know if anyone wanted to collaborate on this of course I will pay within reason 

please message me if this is something you might be interested in and we can go into more details , its two small designs 

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rickharris4 years ago
This might get a better response in the Forum.

Also, if you gave a bit more detail, I'm sure there would be a bunch of people willing to help for free.
Kagsy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
It is literally a cast of the inside of my mouth only way I can describe it is like a mouth piece
Kiteman Kagsy4 years ago
Could you not just bite down on a mouthful of Polymorph?
Kagsy (author)  rickharris4 years ago
Thank you :) I will post it in the forum

It's literally like a mould of the inside of my mouth