Please help me identify this object.

I found this object in an old area of Big Sur, California with my metal detector several years ago.  It appears to be very old and has a small hole drilled through it.  You can see writing/ markings on it but I have no idea which language it could be.  It's not very thick.  I'm not sure what it's made of either other than some type of metal.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Picture of Please help me identify this object.
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Ian013 years ago

I don't have any info to add, but I have a suggestion: cross-post to

DavidU1 (author) 3 years ago

I appreciate all the great comments from everyone. Thank you very much. Hopefully, one day the mystery will be solved.


I wouldn't assume the geographic area in which the object was found provides answers concerning its identity- as the hole suggests the object was, or later became an item that was strung together with other objects and intended to be carried about--likely as jewelry or adornment and possibly, subsequently lost in a region foreign to its origin. The hole appears to be crudely formed and of considerable age. On my monitor I discern a green hue suggesting copper and there appear to be two opposing, linear fractures or cracks indicating the manufacturers knowledge of the metallurgy composing the item was poor and novel. Unfortunately, I can't view the detail of what must surely be a stamping, so I have little idea concerning its true age or initial origin. The evidence seen and the information gleaned from the question strongly suggest the object is a copper coin of considerable age or antiquity that was removed from circulation before the detail of the coin was worn off ( copper is very soft) and by way of the "hole" incorporated into an object of adornment from which it was later separated. May I suggest avoiding the temptation to have it assessed by "just" anyone claiming to be an authority and wait until you find someone who's knowledge and repute is equal to the task. Otherwise, you'll almost certainly be "scammed"--and for all I know, the question posed is part of an attempted "scam". Don't be insulted but I have no way of knowing otherwise as I don't know you and we're on the internet. Same can be said for myself in relation to you. Best of luck.

lorogan3 years ago

Huh. It may be worth some money, so try bringing it in to a pawn shop and ask them...

Kiteman3 years ago

It's probably a lost (now found) tourist souvenir.

It won't be Aztec, since Aztecs apparently never lived in Big Sur:

DavidU1 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

That's very possible. It looks quite old though.

Kiteman DavidU13 years ago

There have been tourists for a long time...

iceng3 years ago

Ten Peso pendant slipped away when hang hole opend up.

DavidU1 (author)  iceng3 years ago

If you have any pics of a Ten Peso pendant that looks like what I found, I'dlove to see one. Thanks.Dave

Vyger iceng3 years ago

Could have also been an ear ring.

JM19993 years ago

Yeah, that probably is a coin or a pendant.

Did you scan the immediate area before leaving?

DavidU1 (author)  JM19993 years ago

Yes. I did scan the surrounding area very well but there was nothing else.

Thanks for the response.