Please help me in making the world's smallest shocker.

Can any give me the values and names of the components that PLASMANA used in making the world's smallest shocker. Where I live there are no disposable cameras.

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nepheron8 years ago
Electric disposable lighters? Those tiny cheap pizo ones will zap you.
Can I use the parts from them to charge HV capacitors. I have a spoilt lighter lying around. I think its transistor is blown 
You could use a piezo-kinetic sparker, but they don't feel like anything. I've been shocked in the face multiple times with one, it's just like a gentle slap (the kind you use to wake someone up).
anna rox8 years ago
hehehe tell me when your done! i want one! lol
lemonie8 years ago
Ask Plasmana by posting a comment on the instructable. Or find a non-disposible camera, e.g. some other cheap film camera in a junk-shop?