Please help with tinning the soldering iron tip.?

Can you please explain what I'm doing wrong. When I try to tin the tip of the soldering iron, the solder turns into a small ball and rolls off. I have a 25 watt cheap iron and an adjustable temp iron the goes from 25 watts to 45 watts. That happens on both. I have managed to make the first two bots from your lessons 4 and 5 without tinning the tip but I think that is the reason I'm having trouble soldering things.Thank you.

randofo2 months ago

You needed to have tinned the tip as soon as you turn on the soldering iron. The solder will ball up and roll off when yo do this because you are applying more than can adhere to the surface of the tip. The important part is that the tip of the iron gets coated in a silver layer of solder.