Please i want to ask this, i know some one is gonna help me.?

Those it really matter if i led my circuits on a breadboard or those it make any change if i use another things ells from the breadboard?
lets say i use something ells like for example a plastic or a peace of word.
i interne to use a peace of plastic so i can use wires to let my circuits together from bottom.
will the wires affect my work if its done correctly?

And please could someone get me out of this doubt? those it matter witch company produces transistors, or those it matter the type of transistor, or those it matter the size, or those it make no difference.
I am asking thing because i am unable to locate the B C and E on each no matte witch type i use, so i suspect it being the reason why i have been unable to complete my project. maybe it could be that i need to know by a means of testing through something?

Please i am asking because i do not know. hope its not bored to say.
I hope it will not disturb if i do not connect my circuits directly but through  wires to link to each of them.

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Kiteman RdNard5 years ago
Under good lighting, and maybe with a magnifying lens, the components should have a code number printed or stamped on them, usually on the flat face. You should be able to google for that code number.
iceng Kiteman5 years ago
And several breadboards make a Loaf :)
The pinout of a transistor depends entirely on the transistor !

What device number have you got.
RdNard (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
I have two of them

one of them being:
LT 232D
SBL3040 PT
with two arose on it, both pointing each other, to the center pin

the other one.
with two arose on it, both pointing each other, to the center pin
Kiteman5 years ago
It doesn't matter what you build your circuit on, as long as you follow the schematics properly.

"Breadboards" got the name because the first version were old wooden bread-cutting boards with small screws in them to connect components.

For your pin outs, try this diagram:
RdNard (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks for the diagram Kiteman. i did take a good look at that, but what boders me most now is to know witch i have amongst the examples on the diagram, since most of the same types has different pinout locations.
so what i was asking is it could be tested using anything so i can test instead of getting confused with the diagram.
Thanks man i do appreciate.
The SBL3040 isn't a transistor, its a thing called a Schottky diode, and its actually two in the same package.

The MBR2545 is ALSO a Schottky diode I'm afraid - quite a big one too.