Plushie Pattern Help?

I'm trying to sew a beaver. However, I can't figure out how to create the patterns to make the body. He's a cartoonm beaver, and the body looks kind of like a.. potato. Any tips on how to create that shape with fleece? Here's a picture of him:

Thank you so much for your help!

mole13 years ago

The less steep the the point of the panel, the rounder it will be on top. Roughly, this might be done with six panels. I suggest trying it with an old t shirt before cutting your fleece. Sew, modify, sew, modify etc. When you get what you like, mark the seams with a pen, tear out the stitching and use the fabric as a pattern.

mole13 years ago

If you just trying to get the 'potato' shape without the arms, I think a modified bean bag chair pattern would do it. Depending on what you stuff it with, you might be able to use the stretch in the fleece to make it bulge where you want it. Think about the covering of globes (the map sections) or the peel sides of orange sections. For that matter, if you have a potato that is about what you want, cut a flat bottom first so the potato will stand up... then cut from the top to the flat bottom three or four times. Trace the flat bottom, and the shape of the peel on the slices. Because you are using fleece, you could probably incorporate the arms into the seams on the sides,

Batryn (author)  mole13 years ago

I was considering doing something like this, but unfortunately, I cannot acquire a potato.

iceng3 years ago

You need steam and several forms to press the fabric into that shape and then sew the back after stuffing the innards.