Giant pin impression panel

My son has one of those multi-pin impression toys where you press your hand on one side and the pins move and you see your hand impression on the pins on the other side.  He loves it.  I've seen some large ones at Childrens Museums but it seems like there needs to be an instructable on how to make your own, preferably a giant one.

I've found some steel sheets online that would make good holders but couldn't come up with possible items for the 'pins'.  What are your ideas?


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hairyman6 years ago
I have things planned to create one of these with straws, however I am having difficulting find a cheep way of capping them for color and also providing a stopper on one end so that they don't fly out all the time, any ideas?
Soda straws!
aeray7 years ago
Knitting needles.
lemonie7 years ago

These things cost money. 6"nails ground-off maybe what you want, but that's a lot of nails and grinding...

rickharris7 years ago
for a BIG one try 4 or 6 inch nails - cut the points off.
Re-design7 years ago
Metal rods with small size rivets for caps.