Portable Stereo?

Ive seen how everyone has made a portable backpack stereo and i think that is a great idea but why not use a regular cd player with all its internals and speakers instead of going out and having to buy a separate amp and speakers and connect it all. I have a cd player disassembled and i want to replace the cd drive with what would be a line in to my ipod could this be done so i can use everything else but the cd drive?

I believe there is an Ible for making an amp from a cassette player. It's as simple as wiring a headphone wire onto the wires that go to the heads of the player if I remember correctly.
lomn (author)  professor20057 years ago
Ive seen those but they all require a cassette player which i dont have the stereo im wanting to use had only a radio and cd player so i need to be able to use it with the cd player wiring
lomn (author)  lomn7 years ago
would it help to have pics