Positive Van de Graff Generator?

I know that a Van de Graaf Generator creates a negitive charge if you use a rubber belt, But how would one make a positively charged friction style van de graaf generator? What materials would you use?

JohnM703 (author) 10 days ago

I was more asking how to turn one of these into a positive van de gradf

kelseymh11 days ago

You may wish to look into the pelletron, which is a low energy (MeV) particle accelerator based on the van de Graff principle. It can produce beams of protons (hydrogen ions) and heavier ions (positively charged particles).

There was a nice animated gif of a pelletron, on one of pelletron.com's old pages,


that seems to be missing from their current pages,


For the convenience of everybody, I'll try to attach a copy of that gif to this post, here:

rickharris10 days ago