Power of a ramrod

Hello guys,

I'm working on a knex gun now, but I have a question about how to get the max. power out of a ramrod. So when does the ramrod give the most power:

• 1: The ramrod hits the ammo and doesn't go further
• 2: The ramrod hits the ammo and still goes (a couple of centimeters) further

Thanks in advance,

iceng5 years ago
Can't help here, not familiar with knex parts just physics.
iceng5 years ago
Follow through is needed, when the two masses are different
ie ( the ammo and ramrod are different weights ) and the
impact material is deforming ie inelastic collision.

DELETED_Bobbienator (author)  iceng5 years ago
So, I think I'm gonna use a black//grey size ramrod and a blue rod as ammo. Option 1 or 2? Anyways, thanks for the fast answer!