Power supply?

Since I was thinking of building a bipolar power supply +12V, -12V, using a 12-0-12 transformer and using only diodes and capacitors, which I have successfully built. My problem is how safe can this power supply be? since I am not using any regulators?

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Just use a computer power supply!

VAustin89 (author)  Awesome-aniac5 years ago
How many Amps does a PSU give off, is it just under 1micro amp?
No, it supplies around 0.8A at -12 volts.

Usually more like 18 AMPS!

Not very - there is no current limit, and there is no voltage limit. A capacitor filtered supply is going to show 12 x 1.414 v DC out at low loads too, so your circuits need to withstand nerly 18V potentially.

VAustin89 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
thank you for the information, well is there any way to create such power supply without the help of a regulator?
You end up making a regulator from discrete parts, like a big fat "series pass" transistor and some other bits.

Unregulated supplies are a royal pain.

VAustin89 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Do you have any sample circuits that I can some how use as a basis for this?
Take a look at the Wiki article
A basic one is illustrated there, towards the end.