Power to create a Laser Induced Plasma Chanel

I am planing on making an electrolaser and I am wondering how much output does a laser need to creat a Laser Induced Plasma Chanel.

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grenadier5 years ago
You'd need a Q switched UV-C laser, 10J per pulse minimum.

How many thousands do you have to spend?
john7z7 (author)  grenadier5 years ago
How powerful would a TEA Nitrogen Laser have to be to create a Laser Induced Plasma Chanel at least 15ft long?
Really powerful, possibly even q switched.
john7z7 (author)  grenadier5 years ago
What would your guess be on how powerful it would need to be be?
john7z7 (author)  grenadier5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Though in my reaserch I was able to find people on this instructable who have built Electrolasers, saying that it is quite easy, and that you are able to do it without spending thousands of dollars. They just never mention how powerful a laser needs to be.
Often it's done with an excimer laser. If you think a 1W blue beam is bad for the eyes, try a 1MW UV-C pulse! The problem though is excimer lasers have a short pulse width, usually 20nS max. In order to create an electrolaser you'd need at least a couple mS.
john7z7 (author)  grenadier5 years ago
How is that problem usualy solved?
Figure that one out and you've got a patentable design. :-)
john7z7 (author)  grenadier5 years ago
Do you have any information on how powerful an easier to buy non UV laser needs to be?
kelseymh5 years ago
You mean this? If you want to produce a plasma channel in the atmosphere, then you are looking for this, and you should probably be reading the primary-source references from both of those articles.

If you don't know the basic parameters of your device, you may not be qualified to build and use it without killing yourself.