Powerful e-bike (+ loaded trailer) motor. what would work best???

Thinking about power assist (speed following-). Thinking about making a powerful 3 wheel e-(bike-)trailer, with plenty amounts of space for car batteries, a motor, gears, etc. The front wheel is driven.

I thought of:  1) electric power steering motor... 2) a 'strong' cordless drill motor  3) a starter motor  4) a threadmill DC motor 5) any suggestions????

What would work; what not???  (in the end, it depends a lot on what can be found & salvaged...)

elaugenour6 years ago
OOOO PS I want to use it for getting to work. My range is only 10 miles a day round trip.
elaugenour6 years ago
I am wondering how this would work. I just salvaged a crafsmen 1750 rpm, 115 volt, 60 cycle, 6.2 amp, 1/3 HP electric motor and am wondering if this is good to use. if so what kind of power supply should I use? I am thinking of making a trailer out of another bike, kid trailer or just homade.