Powerful slingshot rubber that is very inexpensive and very easy to find?

Somthing like Strong Rubber Bands

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cool so cool

DR261 year ago

There are some website to sell the band online.I have a lists you can try them.



The price of slingshot band set is a little higher.If you just buy the band and leather pouch.Making the band set by yourself that saving a lot of money.

Since bike innertubes can be found dirt cheap and usually free (go to your local bike store and ask for a few discarded innertubes which will end up in the garbage anyways) I would suggest this. This type of rubber I also use cut in cross sections to make millions of rubber bands which last so much longer than most commercial rubber bands. They are not as 'springy' but they have more accuracy IMO.

ji00504 years ago
Theirs a thing called a theraband its good for slingshots
rickharris6 years ago
Strip down some bungy straps - the sort used to tie luggage on your car rack.

Use strips from am old bike inner tube

Strips from a thin rubber sheet they line babies cots with plated together

How many elastic things do you see around you??
I will say that my Dad made me a slingshot using inner tube and it had limited stretch and limited lifespan. Of course this was in the 1980's so there's probably been advancements in tube technology.
Surgical rubber tubing (kind of a yellowish-tan color) works great and is available cheap at hardware stores.
rickharris6 years ago
As a passing thought if you want your rubber to retain it's performance then keep it out of the light when not in use and if using several strands it's worth oiling the with a mineral oil or castor oil (no idea where you might find that now a days)

You can use the rubber band strength training bands that can be found in most sporting good isles or stores. Doubled over on its self and you can really make them stronger.
rickharris6 years ago
+1 can't be beat. Silicone tube may be slightly better.
caarntedd6 years ago
Surgical rubber tubing is available at chemists (drug stores) here.
You can buy rubber tubing at most hardware stores and I thought I saw it at Walmart.
Re-design6 years ago
Surgical rubber tubing is available on the net. Try Ebay. it make GREAT slingshots.