Prevent evaporation?

I am planing on doing an experiment but I need to make sure that none evaporates over a few ours, how do id do this?

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iceng6 years ago
I presume you are concerned about H2O evaporation.
What does Not work is enclosing a smaller volume around your experiment.
The easy key is to find an immiscible liquid to float on top
( less dense ) of your H2O and block evaporation. 
After that finding more solutions ( keys ) starts to get NASA complicated.


we can also stop the evopartion by poring some amount of oil in water

rickharris6 years ago
It dep3nds on how you define none evaporates - eg if you just need to keep it in a container then seal the top - if you mean none to leave the body of liquid then much harder.
Excellent unintentional 1337-speak, Rick.
Doh! :-) editing replies would be nice.
acidbass6 years ago
Put some clingwrap (or plastic wrap) over the top of what you are doing
Arano6 years ago
it's easy: just make sure the partial pressure of your substance is higher than its vapor pressure
seandogue6 years ago
Keep the temperature low and keep the fluid in a sealed container.
FoolishSage6 years ago
Keep the surface of your fluid covered and keep it as cold as possible
If its water, there are a couple of classic methods. Balls and oil.
lemonie6 years ago

With what?