Printer cartridge Non-reusable. Why and how? Last cartridge lasted 3 years. New one, 1 month and refill is fruitless.?

I refilled a cartridge a thousand times until it just wore out. Purchased new (black) cartridge, used it, attempted refill & can't make the thing print for love or money. It's an HP cartridge but it's sure different from my old one. How are they doing this and is there a bypass?

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Re-design7 years ago
Seems like they all have a usage chip built in. If that chip is not reset then the cart. looks empty of defective to the printer.

Google "print cartridge reset" and see if you can find a list of hp carts that have the chip.  Then you can find out how to reset.

My father in law used to just keep a good cart on hand and use that to reset the printer.  Then he would switch out the refilled one for the new one.  He didn't align the refilled one since he only printed documents.  His new printer is smart enough to know when the cart is removed and won't let him do that any more.
This is getting to be a universal reply for me: has really cheap printer cartridge reset tools -- they re-write the eeprom in the cart telling it that its brand new.
jeff-o frollard7 years ago
Really? Cool, I've never seen them there (or looked for them, I suppose.)
frollard jeff-o7 years ago
did a bit of searching, has a canon and epson cartridge resetter -- I'm sure theres an HP around. They also have individual eeproms that pretend to be a new cart.
jeff-o frollard7 years ago
Nice. Oh, how I love dealextreme...
Perfect. That's probably what will fix z's problem. But he needs to make sure that that is the problem first.
Indeed -- if he's already filled it, taking it to a cart refill kiosk in the mall and asking REALLY nicely for them to reset it (might cost a few bucks) would answer that question.
Ugh, I used to have an Epson printer with a chip. Thankfully, my current Canon printer seems to have no such chip. While I've simply bought new refills up till now, I'm planning to refill from now on, or maybe rig up a high-volume tube-fed ink reservoir system!