Prisms to salvage?

Any ideas on where I can salvage some prisms? I wondering there is some sort of piece of equipment with prisms in it I might be able scrounge

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Depending where you are in the world, I HIGHLY recommend "Surplus Shed"

I didn't even think about them. They've got lots of great stuff.
Kiteman7 years ago
Why not make your own prism?
  • Use insulation tape around the ends of three microscope slides to make a triangular tube.
  • Stand the tube on end on a flat surface, and fix in place with more tape.
  • Fill the tube with something clear (eg, water), and you have a usable prism.  If you use something that will set permanently (eg clear resin), then you can lift the prism and position it more easily.

Re-design7 years ago
Military tank periscope.

Some laser printers.

Some binoculars and monoculars.

Google "surplus prism".