Problem with 8x8x8 led cube ?

I made a 8x8x8 led cube , i had finished all soldering 
all leds works properly 
 but now i have a problem some of the glows(lightly) when ground is given to the +ve leg of the leds  or when 2 when +ve and -ve is given to -ve  of different layers
Is this problem negligible ??
will the cube works ?? 

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8_bitGuy1 year ago

if possible, can you please mail me you code ? and circuit diagram, i've made a cube, but its not working properlly

8_bitGuy1 year ago

this can be sorted out,

diode do not conduct in reverse bias, by somehow when this LEDs are defected, they do so, and the best way to detect and replace them is to check ech led by DMM,

lets suppose you want to lighten up one column, but 2nd column in the very extreme corner also gets lighten up due to this above mentioned defect,

basically you have to check every led in that column do not conduct in reverse bais,

you can do this by placing the -ve wire of DMM on the +ve side of any LED in that defected column and -ve wire of DMM on each led's +ve side

if the DMM shows any value than 1, that means led conducts, replace that led and you will never forund that error again

iceng3 years ago

So check the glow LED voltage against one not in the same coll or row.

What is +ve in volts ?

Is -ve == ground == zero volts ?

rickharris3 years ago

Assuming you are testing them with just a battery then they shouldn't glow IF you have wired them ALL correctly. so it's down to checking every connection and LED.