Problem with 'Button Widget'?

Followed yoour instructions & 'IFTTT's excellent multi platform guide' but still unable to add a 'button widget' to my 'home screen' on my 'Samsung Galaxy A3' Android? (do not see Please help 'Add app to your home screen', when configuring the widget). Thanks.

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bekathwia6 months ago

First, make sure you've created an IFTTT recipe with a "do button" action. If you don't have any recipes pertaining to widgets, they won't show up in your list. Second, you don't add the widget the same way as other widgets, you must follow the instructions from their site, which works fine for me on Android:

  • Long press any empty place on your homescreen
  • Select Widgets
  • Locate the IFTTT app and drag it to your homescreen
  • Select a specific Applet widget you want to add
Bulldog1989 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago

I have a 'Button Widget'. The problem is when I click n the 'Home Screen' on my Android nothing happens.

Long pressing isn't the same as clicking-- press and hold an empty space on your homescreen to see the menu appear with "widgets" as one of the items. Sorry if this is too obvious or if I'm missing something-- just trying to help!
Bulldog1989 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago

Thanks for the prompt reply. I do understand what you mean by 'Long pressing' but this does nothing on my phones 'home screen'.

Here's a video where the guy long presses on a blank place on his home screen, revealing the widgets menu item (scrub to 4:24):

Bulldog1989 (author)  bekathwia6 months ago

Yes I have seen the video, this confirms I have been doing the 'Long Press' proberly, but that has no effect on my 'Samsung Galaxy A3' Android.

Sorry I couldn't help figure it out! I'm not experienced with every flavor of Android. Perhaps create a short video of what happens to your phone and send it to the support team at IFTTT?

Bulldog1989 (author)  Bulldog19896 months ago

On my 'home screen' I have the time, icons & the word 'EDIT'. Clicking 'EDIT' brings up a screen saking if I want to delete any icons, long pressing does nothing.

Bulldog1989 (author)  Bulldog19896 months ago

Moved IFTTT icon to my home screen, but no sign of button widget.