Problem with a 30-0-30VDC @10amps transformer/SMPS and 400WATT RMS mono amp(not PMPO)

First of all thank you so very much, i have successfully build my rectifier but now i am having a problem with it. Can a 30-0-30VDC @10amps transformer/SMPS, power a 400watt-RMS car sub @4ohms with a 400watt-rms mono amp. When i tested the 400watt subs, the gain is too low or am i doing something wrong here.

This is my 400watt-rms amp...

Thanks much, appreciated.

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steveastrouk10 months ago

Have you got any pre-amp ?

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk10 months ago

OK you meant a Tone Control yes(:

A non-power amplifier, yes, one that could adjust tone too, but really a voltage amplifier.

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk8 months ago

OK the "voltage amplifier" it was just out here(:

but i am little confused here, so i need to connect the
"voltage amplifier" to my 400watt rms mono amp to get the full output
power, to drive my Pioneer 400watt rms sub-woofer, yes. Thank you.

Exactly ! The PRE-amp changes LEVELS, the POWER amp changes power.

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk8 months ago

Thank you good brother, but i am still having problem getting a
45-0-45VAC-DC power supply and i don't get enough time to make one
myself): but when i get one and assembled my amp, i surely will post out
here, on this great site(:

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk10 months ago

Apologizes good brother as you know i am new to electronics and English is not my native language so i get confused(: anyways thank you, appreciated.

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk10 months ago

Apologizes good brother i am new to electronics, so i don't understand, what is a per-amplifire. Thank you.

Lima79 (author) 10 months ago

So this is a pre-amp yes(:

Lima79 (author) 10 months ago

OK i think i got it:D

Thank you guys so very much.

steveastrouk10 months ago

Yes, you can get 600VA from the transformer, if your amp is reasonably efficient, then you should be good to go.

Lima79 (author)  steveastrouk10 months ago

Thank you good brother, i really like to make a youtube video but because of lack of time i can't, maybe one of this days i will.