Problem with submitting Instructable to DIY Batman Costumes?

Hi, my username is Folda Fett, and my problem is that when I go to submit one of my batman Instructables to the DIY Batman Costumes Instructables guide, which is run by Penolopy Bulnick, it does not work. The Instructable I am trying to submit is How to Fold an Origami Batarang From the Dark KnightI copy my URL, and post it in the submit taskbar, but when I click submit it says Something Went Wrong! I have tried it about a dozen times different ways and with different instructables and that's all it says everytime! Please Help.

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iceng8 months ago

Looked at your ible.. Nice work folding.. Left you a PM..

Kiteman7 months ago

Drop a PM to Penolopy and ask her to sort it;

Folda Fett (author)  Kiteman7 months ago

Thank you!

Yonatan24 Kiteman7 months ago

That feature has never worked for me too. I've tried it a few times in different collections too.

Folda Fett (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

Thanks for the info.