Problems with my arduino mini shield

so i built an arduino mini shield for displaying numbers(i used the 4511 bcd to 7 segment decoder ic ) using only 4 pins excluding v+ and v-(power).It seemed to work well for while but later when i tried displaying 0001 ( 1 in binary) ,it suddenly stopped working or some all the segments got dimly lit . .Also if i plug it into the breadboard and connect some jumpers to the pins of the arduino(+5v and gnd) ,it seems to work fine,however when i plug it directly into the arduino,setting pin13 high and the gnd pin near it ,it does'nt work properly and all the segments glow dimly.The control pins for the digits are pin 12,11,10 and 9.also when i plug it into the breadboard and instead of connecting the pins with jumpers to +5v and gnd of the arduino,if i connect it to pin 13(HIGH) and the gnd near it it displays only 8,
also can't i use pin 13 being HIGH as 5v' s?

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MDheliMech4 years ago
Is there a particular reason you want to power up your display from pin 13. As stated before the I/O pins do not provide much current. You could probably get more help finding a solution if you stated why you are attempting to get power for your display from pin 13.
Don't use pin 13 as you +5. Use the actual +5 pin and you won't have any problems. It's better to get the power directly from the source rather than through the micro controller.
The problem is the arduino pins can only support so much current flowing through them.
oldmicah4 years ago
My first guess would be a memory leak. It's harder on duino code, but still possible. Do you open any files and then not close them? I've also read that there was a mem leak in one of the environment's string library a while back.

Take a close look at anything that is being executed in a loop.

The data pins are 1,2 6 and 7, not 12,11,10 and 9. 3 and 4 should be tied high.
Strontium (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
no,no ,not 'data' as in data ,data in binary for controlling the number displayed.Also Can i use pin 13 high and the gnd pin near it as the power for my shield?
I look at the pinout, pins 1,2,6 and 7 are where the binary goes....
Strontium (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
yes i know the data pins,but i have connected pin 7(the ic) to pin12(arduino),
pin1(ic) to pin 11(arduino) and so on in the order of the a,b,c,d inputs.What i meant is i use pin 12,11,10,9 as my data pins ON THE ARDUINO .Also Can i use pin 13 high and the gnd pin near it as the power for my shield?
Ah, you should have made that clear. It is ALWAYS better to post circuits than words.

What about the blanking and test inputs ?