Profile picture change

In' Edit profile' I  selected 'Change image' , I choose new Image and uploaded but still old image only appearing New image does not get loaded ?

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bajablue5 years ago
Restart your computer and check for the new image.

I just had a picture upload failure a few minutes ago... but I'll try again here to see if it works.

hmmm... another failure. Must be a site problem.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you.
nachiketa (author)  bajablue5 years ago
I just tried again, must be site problem hmmm..
They'll get it working again... soon, we hope! ;-)
nachiketa (author)  bajablue5 years ago
I just tried, still not...we hope
I am having issues as well.
nachiketa (author)  4eyes125 years ago
I hope they will resolve soon
nachiketa (author)  nachiketa5 years ago
Today I could change the image thanks Instructables !
Woo Hoo! Cute little corn cob doll!!!
nachiketa (author)  bajablue5 years ago