Project ideas help?

I have an 28v dc motor that i want to do something with. Does anyone have any ideas? It's a pretty big motor (weighs about a pound), I was thinking about making some kind of tool with it.  Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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iceng6 years ago
Attach a 4' shaft with sleeve bearing and C-clamp.
Place a propeller on the end and have a trolling motor for fishing.
We can help with a minimalist dc speed controller
Make another ible while your at it.

musick_08 (author)  iceng6 years ago
i dont think the motor is big enough for that, but i do appreciate all the ideas. definately getting some good ones
iceng musick_086 years ago
How little is your boat ?

Do you have any other specs on the motor, such as power, rpm, etc? Does it have an attache gearbox? These parameters will have a big impact on what you can realistically use it for.
musick_08 (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
1/15 hp, 6 amps, 28vdc, 80 rpm. it has like a pulley attatchment at the end
kevinhannan6 years ago
If you have a workshop you can make a flatbed circular sharpening disk. Pretty much you have a guaranteed flat circular surface spinning courtesy of your motor and you can sharpen your tools amazingly well with it by changing the grade of grit-paper. If you're curious about this, check the woodwork websites out and you'll se they are expensive but excellent. ;-)
iceng6 years ago
Use motor to spin a 7" dia cardboard disk ( suitably attached to motor shaft ) with a single 1/4" hole in the disk on a 6" dia while looking through said hole at a fluorescent lamp and adjusting the motor speed until the color flicker of the lamp is made visible as it changes AC polarity by synchronous timing.

iceng6 years ago
This attaches to the back of your dominant hand and vibrates.
So you can use your hand to give pleasant vibratory massages to people/
Can you make it ?