Project suggestions for the summer holidays; lots of time, not a lot of money?

I have a reasonable variety of woodworking tools, metalworking tools including a lathe.

I'm 18 and consider myself pretty good at practical things, I'm looking for something labour-intensive that doesn't cost very much and I'd like to have something interesting at the end of it.

Any ideas are welcome :)

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Burf6 years ago
When I was about your age, I used to earn extra spending money by collecting old and/or broken wood furniture and either repairing, refinishing or re-purposing it. For example, converting an old dining room chair into a small lamp table, turning a wooden ammo box into a child's toy box, etc. Combine several broken pieces into an entirely new piece.
Gather the materials in the usual places, dumpsters, thrift stores, yard sales, friends, and so on.
Like you, I had access to a large variety of tools because my Dad was a master carpenter with a well equipped workshop.
With a little imagination and a lot of work, you can create some nice pieces, earn extra cash and learn a lot of tricks and techniques about woodworking.
splazem Burf6 years ago
That's a good idea.
Kiteman6 years ago
Steam or stirling-cycle engines from scrap materials?

Vyger6 years ago
With all the flooding going on you can try sandbaging. Costs you nothing and is pretty exhausting but also rewarding.
I think the questioner comes from the UK - For once it's hot here (at least in parts)
Jayefuu6 years ago
Marble machines are pretty interesting to watch. You could try your hand at that?
rickharris6 years ago

Geodesic Dome building - I have done this several times, can be low cost great fun ends up with a BIG building you can use.

Make a Canoe these are super light and can be made using plywood strips rather than solid wood. Cheaper and easier to handle. Cover with house wrap (Tyvek) or Nylon. Dacron is/ can be costly.

Water Rockets Huge fun.

Electric flying round a pole is fun

Rubber band guns -

Ah, the world is your Oyster - Of course look through instructables.