Projects that use up LOTS of LEDs?

I recently bought a pack of 1000 LEDs off of eBay. I thought they were going to be white, but they ended up being blue. I made some underbody lights for my RC car, but I still have around 900 of them. Does anyone have any ideas of projects that would use up a bunch of them?

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slimguy3798 years ago
do a real car underglow, there is a instructable on here on how to do it
madrasi8 years ago
Yea how much do you want for them? I have a lot of plans for blue LED's. Contact me at if you do. thanks
macgyver603 (author)  madrasi8 years ago
What about $ 0.50 each? If so, I can place them on eBay.
rickharris8 years ago
theRIAA8 years ago
make a glowing ball?
There's two links there...