Prop building using Pink Foam sheets?

found out that Pink Foam is used in building signs,grave stones "beloved tombstone" and other props. they showed examples but lacked the how to's need to know more besides a dremel tool what else can you use with this foam. can you treat it like wood carve patterns in to the foam?

There's a neat Instructable out there which uses spray paint to disolve foam in order to produce a fake stone signboard. In the Instructable, letters were masked off with card, causing them to stay raised, while the surrounding area was eaten into. I don't recall what it was titled, but you might find it by running a search.
jeff-o7 years ago
At the hardware store (where you get the foam) you will find the correct adhesive to glue the foam pieces together (and to glue stuff to the foam) without it dissolving. It comes in a 300mL or 825mL tube, and you'll also need a caulking gun to use that glue. Then, yes, you can use a dremel or any other tool capable of cutting foam (pretty much anything) to shape it into the form you want.
Re-design7 years ago
Some of the foam will 'dissolve" if you use spray paint so test before you spray. This dissolving cab be used to good effect if you need irregular surfaces like bolders.