Proper USB cable?

I am making a real mess of this, but I received my feather HUZZAH board today, and I hooked it up again I was able to get the LED to blink and get the internet connection to work, but I am unable to get the button_input_led_output to work. I am reading over and noticed something about the USB cable. I am using just a standard USB to micro USB cable, Could my problems be coming from I am not using the USB programming cable? There is where I stand now, could not get the NodeMCU to work so I went and purchased the Feather HUZZAH and can't get that to work, but I get the simple blink when button is pushed on both, Please HELP.

bekathwia8 months ago

I'm a bit confused about your symptoms-- are you able to successfully program the board with your Arduino software? If so, you are using a data-capable cable. If you haven't been able to program any board, and your software setup is complete, you may be using a power-only cable. There is no convention or standard about which cables have the data lines connected. A good way to test if the cable is for data is to use it to plug in a phone, tablet, kindle etc. to your computer and access it through the cable.

kid347 bekathwia8 months ago

This is really confusing, and I am sure I am making it harder then it needs to be. I was able to program the boards, Feather and nodeMCU to wectork running the LED blink with the button, So I don't know what cable I have but it did work to program that sketch. I was also able to get the first check internet where I received a connected through the serial monitor, that was using my SSD and Password of my home WIFI. But I can't get either board to run the button LED with the Adafruit IO website. All I see in the serial monitor is connecting to Adafruit IO, but nothing happens and when I hit the button the LED no longer lights up. I hope this clarifies my mess.

bekathwia kid3478 months ago

If you successfully programmed any board, your USB cable is correct and data-capable. Based on what you describe, it sounds like your problem lies with the connection to Adafruit IO. You must have already created an account and feed to "catch" the data coming from your board. Most commonly, the problem is an error in your IO username or IO key-- double check those. Occasionally the service goes down but it's rare (and announced in the forum linked on the left side of the IO site).

kid3478 months ago
I finally got it to work, what I did was delete the command program on the Adafruit IO, and then start all over and it now works. Thanks for the support.