Pulse jet cogeneration either hydrogen generator or steam turbine?

I wanted to make a pulse jet and use peltiers to generate electricity to create hydrogen that will be added to the pulse jet. That or i'd run water around the metal of the pulse jet to cool it down and produce steam that could drive a turbine. Give me suggestions and any flaws in my idea.


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Kiteman8 months ago

Just that you will not be able to run the jet purely on the hydrogen you electrolyse (because thermodynamics).

For inspiration, you'd find it hard to top Colin Furze:

Wow! This guy Colin has some interesting videos. Thank you for sharing that!

Aron313 (author)  Kiteman8 months ago

I was planning on using propane or gas to run the pulse jet. The hydrogen would be added for extra combustion or could be used for something else.

Kiteman Aron3138 months ago

I'd use it for "something else" - the flame-speed of hydrogen is far higher than propane, and would completely mess up the burn.

See DU35mm comments about melting - a well-running pulse jet will glow cherry-red.

However, if you want to make heat and noise with no thrust, you could make a metal version of this and fit it with a water jacket:


Still, technically, a pulse jet, but more accurately a Reynst Combustor, since it burns fuel without producing much thrust.

+1 unless you need the thrust a pulse jet is a bit of a waist.

iceng Kiteman8 months ago

This Colin has a pulsejet bicycle that rubs on propane...

Downunder35m8 months ago

How do you prevent the peltier elements from melting?
And to use it as a steam generator for longer use you will need to be really good at welding stainless steel...