Put links in descriptions to a website of a supplier


I was contacted  by a supplier who asked me if I would like to put links in the description to their website where you can purchase the components that I used.

I have no problems with that but is this allowed on Instructables?


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Your descriptions of the materials used in your instructable should be clear and honest.

In the event you are using a component that is hard to find, then for the sake of clarity, so others can replicate your work, you definitely should tell your readers where you bought it from. If you bought it from somewhere online, then I think a link to the seller's product page is appropriate.

Also use, clear, matter of fact, language, like,

"I bought my XYZ development board from their website: [link to http//XYZboards.com/products/blah/blah/xyzboard.html]"


"This board is manufactured by XYZboards, and I bought mine from Digikey (www.digikey.com)"

In the event some thing you used is available from multiple sellers, and you know it is, it might be dishonest to point your readers towards your favorite seller.

Moreover, in the case that you and seller are working together, or especially in the case that you are the seller, I think it is rather dishonest not to disclose facts like this.

By the way, from looking at your profile, it kind of looks like all your instructables so far, are electronics projects of some kind.

If the kind of "components" you're asking about are strictly electronic components, then a maybe a link to the manufacturer, or link to a data sheet, is all that is needed.

By the way, I can give you some examples of some examples of what I think is honest, and dishonest, linking to products.

The honest example comes from an instructable I wrote, because, naturally, I think my own writing is clear and honest. In Step 4, of my instructable on how to make a "phosphorescent notepad",
I tell you, kind of anecdotally, from where I obtained the special phosphorescent paper, and I include some links.

As an example of an instructable with dishonest product linking, one that comes to my mind, is any, or all, of the 'ibles written by author Shenzhen.

The reason I think his 'ibles are dishonest is because basically every 'ible he writes is a new way to use a specific material (in this case, electrically conductive carbon fiber tape and rope) sold by a specific seller.

It is almost obvious there is some relationship between author Shenzhen, and the seller he links to. I am guessing this Instructables author, and the seller he links to are the same person, although this is just a naive guess on my part.

However, nowhere in his instructables, nor in his profile page, is there a statement disclosing his relationship with the seller.

Also, at the time of this writing, his seller links are are actually pointing to, going through, a page on Amazon.com, so he has some kind of business relationship with Amazon too, now. In the past, his links pointed to eBay.com, and also an independent website, at carbonheater.us

Probably a few people reading this are going to get upset for me calling this author out in this way, but I do not want you to misinterpret what I am saying.

I don't hate this author, and I don't hate carbon fiber tape, or electricity, or heat. In fact, it seems to be an interesting and useful material.

All I am saying is that it is dishonest to link to a seller without disclosing the business relationships you have with that seller.

Moreover, Shenzhen, could make the leap from dishonest linking to honest linking, at least in my mind, just by including a little blurb (at least in his profile bio) that tells us who he is and who he works for, or the words, "This is my company," or "I work for this company," or similar.

Yes you are allowed to link suppliers, it makes it easier for people to re-create the Instructable.

Things may only get questionable if you profit from the links through some affiliate program. While I'm not sure if it's against the rules, some people may not like the idea.

iceng21 days ago

Sure because it falls under, where you acquired the components as a help to members who make your project for them selves :-)