Quick question about relays?

Hey everyone, just a quick question here. I need a relay that will operate on 12V DC or less that can withstand 120V AC @ 2A (US sockets are 2A correct?). Would this work? Or am I oversimplifying everything? 


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Geniusdude (author) 5 years ago
Okay, one last thing (yes, relays are pretty awesome :D) does anyone know of a 9V DC relay that will still fit my needs?
Geniusdude (author) 5 years ago
I see... how many mA are required for that relay?

Sorry for these stupid questions but essentially with 12V DC I can control 120V AC?
WWC Geniusdude5 years ago
Most defiantly. See my photos. I have 4 12vdc relays switching 120vac.
Looking at the 1 page PDF the 12 VDC coil resistance is 320 ohms.

Current = I = V / R = 12 / 320 = .0375 Amps = 38 ma

Yes with 12 VDC & 38 milliamps your relay can control 120 VAC 10 Amps

Or Steve's relay can control 120 VAC at 15 Amps

No, a standard US socket can put out 15A typically.

You need a relay like this one.
So you are saying the relay needs to be able to switch 15 Amps
because a standard US socket is fused at 15 Amps ? ?

Where I took the question to mean Geniousdude only wanted 2 Amps.
Hmm. I'm reckoning he thinks he can only draw 2A from a NEMA socket, when you can probably draw 15A.
PS and it might be an inductive load.
WWC5 years ago
This is the relay i use to switch mains. Two pics.
iceng WWC5 years ago
Good relay for island use :-)
WWC iceng5 years ago
I will relay the massage.
iceng5 years ago
Yes, I looked at the PDF and the contacts are rated

Normally Open and 10A @ 120VAC or 10A @ 28VDC

hope it helps .