Quistion about Turbine Jet Engine intake and pressure fans ,

I have seen and checked several Instructables on Turbine Jet engine and I am trying to make my own,On a Turbine Jet Engine intake and compression fans ,are they connected directly to the axis ( Shaft )or they just revolve about it separately ? also please any info's about the fan's angle for each one, are they the same or opposite one another.??
Many Thanks in Advance

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The whole point is that the intake and compression fans are tied to a common shaft. compare the original Whittle engine, with its radial compressor with an Ohain axial one.
+1 Even turbo props use the same basic layout, they just induce flow around the central chamber using a ducted fan.
lemonie7 years ago
the speed these need to go at, you shouldn't try making them.

You CAN make your own, but then, if you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answers. These things spin in EXCESS of 100, 000 RPM when running. Balancing is, to say the least, critical.

I agree, but I didn't say it couldn't be done. have you got tools that'll mill a compressor? I know a lot of hot bits need titanium(?) that must be a sod to finish?

I've contemplated milling one, we can handle the material (usually Incoloy or some other exotic superalloy) but I can't see doing it with only three axes - I think i'd need at least 4. The guys who are really into this club together for a group buy of compressor wheels vacuum cast and x-ray inspected (!!!!) Rather than make their own.

That's sensible.

A feels turbine as a compressor would easier to manufacture and there are proven home designs, making the exhaust turbine would be tricky. I wonder long the turbines in junkyard jets last, the ones made from truck turbos...