RC wired Tank to Radio?

I have a Aoshima 1/48 scale RC Panther that I want to convert to Radio Control. Right now, it is wired(cable from controller to tank). Is there any way to convert it? And what do I need?
Tank here: http://www.aoshima-bk.co.jp/en/product/4905083048658/
Detailed Intructions: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10098877z5/70/5

Circuit board seems to be in controller, not tank
Battery also in controller, not tank.

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rickharris11 months ago

Assuming when you open the tank there are 2 separate motors driving each track.

You will need:

an RC receiver

A transmitter at least 2 channel

a brushed motor ESC for each track motor Suitable for the current rating of the motor.

Connect ESC to motor

Conect ESC to receiver

Each control will now control the speed of each track

Job done.

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Thanks for answering my question! All I need to do now is double check all the stuff fits in my tank :)

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

There aren't two separate motors, there is a gear box. Is this still ok?

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

Your Picture shows 2 separate motors where i have ringed the image in red.

Picture attached show connections. As you don't have the Receiver transmitter and ESC at present you don't know what they look like. But this is a general diagram. Click on image to see full size.

IF you have a different tank with 1 motor then your controller operates a clutch and you will need to find out how that works. I can't see it and can't help there.

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Thanks! I am only 13, and this is my first project :)

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

A good place to start would be something simpler you can experiment with and then transfer what you have learned to your final Tank project.

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Will any type of esc work? Or will it have to be rc tank specific?

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

It MUST be intended for BRUSHED motors. Try hobbyking

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

If you wire receiver battery to receiver, will it power rest of tank? eg. motors and esc

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

Yes although your ESC is also connected to the battery to drive the motors.


a good place to start although directs towards aircraft it still drives an electric motor.

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Here is instructions with gearbox pictured.

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

Your picture shows 2 separate motors next to each other at the end of the gear box.

You should be able to fit a Lipo type flat battery in the tank somewhere look at an RC site like Hobby king for ideas and sizes.

Marked here

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Not sure where to wire ESC and power source to, am relatively new to wiring :(

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

See below

Derpzki (author)  Derpzki11 months ago

Here is what I mean:

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Tank will be glued together, any way to add rechargeable battery that can be charged though plug on tank? I can't take it apart just to recharge battery :(

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

IF you use a rechargable batter get the correct charger for it.

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Also, it is built as kit, not sure if new power source will fit, runs on 4 aa batteries from controller

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

Thats 6 volts a 2 cell Lipo will be almost the same

Derpzki (author)  rickharris11 months ago

Seems to me that the power source AND the controller wires both link up to the gear box, but I don't which one is for the power, and which one I should link up to the ESC. Can you help? Also need a different power source, since by default it comes from the controller.

rickharris Derpzki11 months ago

I don't know as I am not there