RFID Project Assistance

I am Software Engineer and need to build an prototype. Please can you recommend the hardware according the requirements specified below

    I have an Arduino UNO starter Kit here, also have an Arduino DUE

    The basics of the system are as follows:

    * RFID scanner (with buzzer if available) and Tokens required.

    * Display LCD/VFD/Serial, Need to have 16 characters x 2 lines.

    * Also need an PUSH button to control when the RFID needs to Stop/Start Scan - If its embedded in RFID/Display, my job is easier.


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iceng4 years ago
Have a good look at this tweeting cat door.

jainviaks8 (author)  iceng4 years ago
Thanks for the reply, That's cool implementation...

But I need to know what components where used, so that I can analyze which components will suit my requirement above...
Try reading the section marked "Parts List".
jainviaks8 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Have gone through the part list, but they talk about PCB designing (Not good with electronic circuit), I just want the ready made modules... So that I can achieve the respective result.
Parts list tells you where to buy the RFID module.

You don't tell the RFID when to scan: it does it automatically.
Ask the author
Try searching for RFID projects here. I think there is even a guide to RFID.
jainviaks8 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks for the reply, But I can't find such posts here, As I am interested in getting the hardware components, As software would not be an problem.
I found hundreds. There are 10 projects on the right here.