RGB LED Strip matrix?

Can I use connected RGB L.E.D. strips in rows to make a animate-able matrix? And what program do I use to animate it? I'm working on making a deadmau5 mask that lights up, so it has to be a portable unit as I would like to wear it to shows. Thanks :)?

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showtacle4 years ago
I think we have a solution for you.
Check out the following video to see if it is what you are looking for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8nPihPglcM

You can find more at www.ledstripstudio.com
Any particular strips in mind ? The ones I have have around 30 leds/metre. What you're proposing is possible, the software I suspect you'd have to write, but its only stuffing images at 16 images/second onto the matrix, not too hard to create. The problem is more likely to be power ! They are not light consumers of it
Any RGB strip with the most amount of leds per meter. And yeah I was wondering how i would manage the power, and if I would need a heatsink. And any suggestions as to how I would write the program and what software I would use? I've never attempted anything like this before.
Start by finding suitable LED strips. 30/metre is the most I've seen in convenient strips. You shouldn't need a heatsink for the strips I've seen.

Writing the code is secondary to getting the LEDs, even an Arduino is probably fast enough to do basic animation on a small matrix.

You could do tricks like clock out multiple columns of data with the same instruction cycles, but if you haven't written any code, I wouldn't start from here. ;-)
RGB strips usually mean 5050 LEDs made LED strips, can have 30leds per or 60 leds per meter, even 120leds per meters, more leds, more brightness, if you choose 3528 LED strips, it even can be made into 240 LEDs per meter.

when RGB controller connecting with RGB controller, it can do color changing, more than 13 types of color chaning can be made, and you are usind the Magic RGB led strips, it even can make more 72 types of color changing.

Got a link to the 240 LED stuff ? I've not seen them. Are there any addressable high density strips out there now ?
Incidentally, one of the 'ibles on the right of the page
shows an Adafruit display that costs all of 80 USD that would be pretty neat in a costume design, though not flexible.
stone8984 years ago
You need a RGB controller, and you connect the power supply with the RGB controller firstly, then connect the RGB controller with the RGB LED strips, when you press the the Remote, the RGB LED strips will change color.

the Changing color programs have been stored inside the RGB controllers.
That's not what he wants. He wants to ANIMATE them in a matrix, and sequence them.