RGB led help?

So i picked up an RGB led at radioshack and when i got home, instead of having 2 pins like normal leds, or 4 like some RGB leds, it had 3 pins, and im not sure what to do. I mixed and matched the  pins with ground and positive wires until it lit up, but it just ran through a cycle of changing colors then stopped and doesnt light up again unless i disconnect the led and connect it again. And as far as i know, the one pin not used in this cycle doesnt do anything. So is this all the led does or is there more? P.S. i wasnt using a potentiometer or anything, just connecting it to power.

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astroboy9076 years ago
I have some of these LEDS here. Wire a momentary switch between the 3rd pin (unused) and ground. Pressing the switch will (after the cycle) change colors) they are these type of leds.
This is an LED which is ONLY designed to change colour and can't be selected.
sshuggi6 years ago
You should look up the datasheet by using the id on the packaging.
Also, you're going to want a current limiting resistor on that, otherwise you'll break the LED. That may be why it auto-shuts off, and you're lucky it has that feature. As far as the three pin thing. It could be that the body is ground. I know that's the case with a lot of integrated circuits, but LED body's are usually plastic. It's hard to really answer without seeing it or the package.
texpert (author)  sshuggi6 years ago
well yes i was using a resistor also, but i forgot to mention it and how many ohms it was. But if this is the case with the body being ground how do i wire it?
a117yogi6 years ago
it might be mislabeled and only have 2 colors, unless its ac but i doubt it
thegeeke6 years ago
I've seen those leds with a serial data pin to control the colors... maybe that's what you have. I also agree with sshuggi about the current limiting resistor.