RPG-Style Stat Bar for Every Day Life?

If the title alone didn't cover it, does any one have any ideas on how it would be possible to make a Status bar like the ones in most video games as a real object? I'm thinking it needs to be able to change, be relatively useful, small, and battery powered. Any thoughts on the subject are appreciated! 

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mh76dk5 years ago
A led bar (comes in all sizes and shapes really) but it will require you make some supporting electronics (or buy a kit)
mh76dk mh76dk5 years ago
a kit like this (though this particular one is sold out) https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10936

but again, you would need some more electronics to actually make it do much (so you would need to invest some time and money)
Numbuh1Nerd (author)  mh76dk5 years ago
That could work if I could find a way to cover up the board, but how would you change the data?
This is not am out-of-the-box product (i didnt find any such when i looked) so it will require some kind of programming (arduinos seem popular - not that i have used them) or other electronics to change the display data. My suggestion is quite useless if you do not know how to do one of these - but being a DIY site, you could have known
bwrussell5 years ago
What would make this useful? Does it need to track something?