RTTTL for Match of the Day?

Can anyone direct me to a RTTTL file for match of the day? I really need it :)

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AndyGadget6 years ago
Da da da dahh de dah de dah dah, de dahh de dah de dah . . .

Match of the day:d=4,o=5,b=100:8c,8f,8a,8c.6,16a,8a,8a,8a,a,8a#,8c.6,16a,8g,8a,8a#,8c,8e,8g,8a#.,16g,8g,8g,8g,g,8a,8a#.,16g,8f,8g,8a,8c,8f,8a,8c.6,16a,8a,8a,8a,a,8a#,8c.6,16a,8a#,8c6,d6,8d6,8e6,8f6,16f6,8e6,16e6,8d6,8f6,8c6,8c6,8d6,8c6,16a#,8a,16a,8g,f

Sounds fairly close on the program I'm playing it on, but may need editing a bit.
(I've just bought a Stylophone, but I'll be taking it to bits for a future project #;¬)

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NatNoBrains (author)  altair ibn la ahad6 years ago
That really isn't helpfuf.