Hello every one.

I really need some help on how to make a ruby laser, i live in Australia and laser are totally banned where i live so i did some research on how to make powerful laser. I came across Ruby laser, i did some research but i am not sure how to make one or get the parts from so any one that can help please do so. thank you. :)

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I doubt lasers are "totally banned" or you wouldn't have a DVD player or a DVD burner in your PC. Probably the pilot-blinding ones you can buy on Ebay are banned, which is a different thing.

Making a CO2 laser isn't that hard, and is very powerful, but the beam is invisible, and there are classic projects in the old Amateur scientist column in Scientific American for UV lasers.

A ruby laser needs a very nice ruby rod, with semi silvered, and perfectly parallel ends. A Xenon flashtube around the outside of the tube, often arranged at the other focus of an elliptical reflector , kicks the ruby into emission.

"A very nice ruby rod..." -- in other words, expensive.
They certainly WERE expensive, but ruby is made for all sorts of things these days, it may be cheaper now.

'Ruby' has been a man made substance for over 100 years, and is always made of the same chemicals with slightly different processes. And making your own isn't going to be any less illegal than buying one.
kk khrab (author)  jtobako7 years ago
buying ruby isn't illeagal i think! :?
Depends on where you are-and how picky the cops are. A chunk of Carborundum isn't going to turn heads, but a specifically cut piece is going to be considered probable cause.
True, but its a lot cheaper than it was 50 years ago.
kk khrab (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
i went on ebay and jewlery sellers they aint that expensive.
kk khrab (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
thank you very much. do you think you can find me a Xenon flashtube driver?
lemonie7 years ago
Since you've done the research: what exactly do you need in terms of parts?

kk khrab (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i think i need a ruby rod two mirrors a Xenon flash tube a case for ruby rod and a xenon flash tube driver a power supply

The ruby takes some (money at least)
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